HorseshoeOne of the most plate-filling sandwiches, the horseshoe, originated in Illinois’ capitol city! The horseshoe features toast on the bottom, a layer of juicy meats, piled with french fries and Springfield’s specialty cheese sauce on top. 

The tasty meal was created by the Leland Hotel’s head chef Joe Schweska in the 1920s. The idea began when Schweska was in need of a new lunch item. His wife Elizabeth had seen a recipe that incorporated a cheese sauce and suggested using it on top of an open-faced sandwich. Schweska knew he had to develop his own sauce recipe using a sharp white cheddar.

The horseshoe is a staple at many Springfield restaurants. Over the years, other cities throughout the state have mimicked the savory meal.

There are a number of restaurants that are well-known for their horseshoe, including D’Arcy’s Pint, Dublin Pub, Westwoods Lodge and Obed & Isaac’s.

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