vending machine

A new vending machine found in Springfield’s Phoenix Center is a little different from the food and drink machines you are used to. This vending machine is the first of its kind in Illinois and provides harm reduction materials like needles, fentanyl strips and narcan at no cost.

The machine is the newest service available as part of the Springfield Harm Reduction Initiative. The Phoenix Center, which has provided harm reduction services in the Springfield area for 12 years, hopes to decrease the number of HIV and hepatitis cases by providing safe materials for those struggling with drug addiction. Anyone can utilize this machine at any time to help keep themselves safe or someone they know who is struggling.

The vending machine also provides free feminine hygiene products, food and other supplies to those who need them.

The Phoenix Center hopes to expand similar harm reduction programs into the rural counties of Illinois as well, citing the importance of safe, clean supplies in reducing disease and fatal overdoses.