What was only meant to last one summer has now lasted for three quarters of a century! The Superdawg Drive-In in Chicago’s Norwood Park neighborhood celebrated its 75th anniversary on May 2 of this year. The shop is known in the city as a historic destination hot dog stand with a full carhop service. This family-owned business has thrived for decades and has become a staple for residents and visitors alike. U.S. Representative Mike Quigley entered the anniversary into the official Congressional record on May 2. Additionally, 39th Ward Alderwoman Samantha Nugent unveiled an honorary street sign for the original owners called Maurie & Flaurie Berman Way. This sign will be in addition to the already existing and legendary “Superdawg Way” sign on the corner of Milwaukee and Highland avenues.

Flaurie and Maurie opened shop in 1948. What was only meant to be a summer hot dog stand turned into a long-lasting family business. Their daughter and her husband, Lisa and Don Drucker, and their son Scott Berman currently own Superdawg. Flaurie and Maurie were high school sweethearts who opened the stand as newlyweds. Their love for each other, their family and their hot dog stand is still clear today.

Throughout the entire month of May, Superdawg will be giving away $10 gift cards at random. If you are a fan of the Chicago-style hot dog or just a good burger, you should visit their locations today for the chance to win a gift card!