4289005200_e8b99f86ea_b.jpgIn Joliet, Illinois, Jody’s Hot Dogs was not sure how it was going to survive after the shutdown of sit-down dining to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, the owner wanted to both keep the business going and do their part to support workers who put themselves at risk to fight the pandemic, so the small restaurant started promoting a new deal called the “Feed A First Responder Program.” 

The “Feed A First Responder Program” started with a plastic jar placed on the main restaurant counter in the front of Jody’s to collect donations to pay for meals for first responders. Ever since, it’s been a huge hit in the community. With the money coming in through Jody’s program, the hot dog stand manages to deliver 20 to 70 meals per day to first responders. One of the managers, Tamera Wright, said “It’s just kind of boomed. It’s been great to serve the community.” 

Jody’s Hot Dogs is located at 326 Republic Ave. in Joliet and remains open during the novel coronavirus outbreak, feeding as many people as it can.