459px Clyde W. TombaughDid you know 114 years ago the Famous American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh was born in Streator, Ill. on Feb. 4th 1906?

Tombaugh was the first astronomer to discover what was identified as the Kuiper Belt, but more specifically he was the man accredited to the discovery of the dwarf planet Pluto. The son of a farmer, Tombaugh’s plans for attending college were stifled by a hailstorm ruining his family farm at a young age. He started to build his own telescopes with lenses and mirrors, drawing images of Jupiter and Mars to the Lowell Observatory which offered him a job.

Tombaugh later discovered Pluto before ever earning a bachelor’s degree in astronomy. Tombaugh also taught naval personnel how to navigate using astronomy, as well as taught astronomy at universities. In 1980, he was inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame.

Tombaugh discovered many asteroids and celestial objects and named them in tribute of members of his family. But we remember him as a true Illinoisan and thank him for the discovery of our favorite tiny planet, Pluto, which will forever remain as the legacy of this great astronomer.