MASHOn this week in 1928 that Larry Simon Gelbart, the American television writer, playwright, screenwriter, director and author, most famous as the creator and producer of the television series M*A*S*H, was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Larry Gelbart would grow up in Chicago and Los Angeles before he was drafted for World War II. After returning, he would work for Armed Forces Radio Service in LA, eventually obtaining the rank of Sergeant before being honorably discharged after serving 1 year and 11 days, just short of the beginning of the Korean War.

In 1972, he was the main force behind the creation of the television series M*A*S*H (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital), which would become known as one of the highest-rated shows in U.S. television history. The dark dramatic comedy set in the environment of the Korean War allowed for serious-toned comedy that took chances with America’s involvement in war and the role America played in the Cold War, often in a mocking or questioning way.

Larry brought people together during times of war through his different and insightful opus: M*A*S*H. We honor and thank Gelbart for his contribution to American discourse, and appreciate all that he created for the enjoyment of others.