eat 2064948 960 720Happy National Fast Food Day everyone, it is a day to eat wonderful and delicious food. McDonalds is a major staple of American fast food cuisine. It has been around for decades and is a popular place for families across the country to dine. But, did you know this popular fast food chain’s first franchise restaurant was right here in Illinois?

McDonald’s first started as a small burger joint run by the McDonald brothers — Richard and Maurice — in San Bernadino, Cal. However, Ray Kroc was the one that would turn McDonald’s into the major franchise it is today. Kroc chose to begin that journey in 1955 by establishing a McDonald’s restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines.

After launching the first franchise store, McDonald’s success skyrocketed. Kroc, born in Oak Park, Ill. , created an enduring legacy — and part of that legacy belongs to Illinois.

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Interestingly, McDonald's is not the only major franchise that was founded in Illinois. Dairy Queen was founded in Joliet. Steak N Shake was founded in Normal. Jimmy Johns was founded in Charelston. Portillo's was founded in Villa Park. Illinois is a state where major franchises have chosen to plant their roots and it is very exciting.