157763181 860af5f049As The Architect in “Matrix Reloaded” once said, “The first matrix I designed was quite naturally perfect. It was a work of art. Flawless. Sublime.” But did you know the real architects of the Matrix were born in Chicago?

Lana Wachowski was born in Chicago June 21, 1965 and her sister Lilly Wachowski was born Dec. 29, 1967 to their mother Lynne, a nurse and a painter, and their father Ron Wachowski, a businessman. Lilly and Lana grew up with their two sisters Julie and Laura, attended Kellogg Elementary School in Chicago's Beverly area, and graduated from Whitney Young High School, which was known for its performing arts and science curriculum. After Lilly and Lana of dropped out of college, they started a house painting and construction business together in Chicago before jumping into the film industry during the mid-90s.

Lilly and Lana are known for writing or directing films like “Assassins,” “Bound,” “V For Vendetta,” “Cloud Atlas,” and much more. However, they are most known for writing and directing the 1999 film “The Matrix.” “The Matrix” was such a success that it spawned two sequels and continues to have a massive fan base, with many enjoying the film’s action scenes and philosophical analyses.

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