Did you know Illinois is responsible for the creation of the brownie? This very popular sweet treat traces back to 1893 in the heart of Chicago. Bertha Palmer, the wife of the owner of the historic hotel, the Palmer House Hotel, asked her kitchen crew to whip up a desert that could be portable and served at the World’s Columbian Exposition fair at the request of the Board of

Directors of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. This iconic fudgy treat made its debut at the World Fair with crunchy walnut sprinkles and savory apricot glaze. The brownies were served near frozen at the fair, and, quickly, this new chocolatey indulgence became a huge hit! Restaurants and cafes all across the world began to sell Mrs. Palmer's Brownies the same way – ice cold! Now, over a century later, this same recipe created by Bertha Palmer in 1893 is the same recipe used to make the famous Palmer House Brownies at the historic hotel in Chicago.

Brownies are such an easy treat to make and can be modified in countless ways to to fit everyone’s taste buds. Over the years, brownie recipes have evolved to include all sorts of ingredients from caramel to cream cheese. However, there is only one Original Palmer House brownie. To experience what thousands of 1893 fairgoers experienced for the first time ever in any lifetime, follow the recipe linked below!