Did You Know? Renowned photographer, Edward Weston, was born in ChicagoBorn in Highland Park, Illinois, Edward Weston is celebrated as one of the most groundbreaking and influential American photographers, having photographed a vast array of subjects, from landscape to narrative, and everything in between.  

Weston’s passion for photography bloomed at an early age after receiving a Kodak Bullseye camera for his 16th birthday.  He spent his time photographing Chicago parks and soon purchased a used 5x7 camera, as he began to develop his own film and prints. From this humble start flowered a 40 year career in the arts.  

In 1906, Weston moved to Tropico, California to pursue a career in photography.  Weston remained in California for the remainder of his life, photographing in and around Big Sur. In 1937, Weston became the first photographer ever to be awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Edward Weston passed away at his home on Wildcat Hill in 1958. His sons scattered his ashes at Point Lobos, later named Weston Beach.

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