Did You Know? Chicago has one of the best, most visited aquariums in the United StatesTourists can feel like they are “under the sea” at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.
Before we talk about the aquarium, let’s dive into the history of the man who put so much effort into building it.

John. G Shedd was born in 1850 and first came to fame by Marshall Field and Company the largest wholesale and dry goods business in the world. At its height, the company employed more than 12,000 Chicagoans. Shedd is part of the reason Chicago is what it is today.

Shedd believed that every great city should have an equally great aquarium, so he chose to build one and make it his legacy. Unfortunately, Shedd passed away before the aquarium was completed, so his business colleagues carried out his vision and named the aquarium after him.

The John. G. Shedd Aquarium was the first inland aquarium with permanent saltwater and freshwater habitats. It’s now filled with more than 8,000 marine animals from all around the world.

Experiencing the wonders of the ocean world is a must while in Chicago.

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