1471256408 781147d1bb bPrepare your stomachs: Today is deep-dish Pizza Day! Invented in the 1940s, Chicago-style pizza is one of the most renowned forms of deep-dish pizza, distinguished by its tall, flaky crust holding thick layers of mozzarella cheese, chunky tomato sauce and fennel sausage patties as an optional topping.

While this fork-and-knife meal is a rite of passage for Chicagoans and the culinarily curious tourist, the dish is also popular outside of Chicago as well.

Chicago’s deep-dish purveyors are some of the most iconic dining spots in the city. Burt’s Place was founded by legendary pizza maker Burt Katz, who left behind an enduring legacy of delicious deep-dish pizza. Burt’s Place surged in popularity at one point when world famous food critic Anthony Bourdain dropped by. Another Chicago restaurant known for its deep-dish is Bartoli’s, owned by Brian Tondryk, who comes from a large family of pizza experts. Bartoli’s special spinach and cheese pizza is an especially popular deep-dish variation.

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