Man’s best friend, who loyally protects you, is protected by our state! The Animal Legal Defense Fund, the nation’s foremost legal advocacy organization for animals, published the annual U.S. Annual Protection Laws Ranking Report, which ranked Illinois as the second best state for animal protection laws. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other adorable companions will find themselves sheltered in Illinois.

Illinois received its second-place ranking due to its numerous animal safeguards. One such law requires all juveniles and animal hoarders convicted of animal cruelty to undergo a psychological evaluation and any necessary treatment. In addition, animals may be included in domestic violence protection orders. Another protection law requires veterinarians and social service professionals to report suspected animal cruelty. Illinois has become a leader when it comes to animal protections.

These laws will have all of your pets’ tails wagging! We want our furry friends to feel safe in our homes and our state, and Illinois achieves just that. Read the full report from the Animal Legal Defense Fund.