Twenty-three Illinois sites have been added to the National Register of Historic Places, according to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

historical-polishThe list includes 13 buildings, eight historic districts and two archaeological sites crossing the state and representing eras from 100 to 400 years ago. Fifteen sites are located throughout downstate Illinois; five are in Cook County and three in the collar counties.

The facilities are homes and commercial structures reflecting notable architectural styles, war-era and Depression-era housing, education and transportation sites including the railroad depot in Springfield where Abraham Lincoln gave his farewell address in 1861 before leaving for Washington, DC.

historical-broadviewIllinois’ 102 counties each have at least one property or district in the National Register; once listed, the sites become eligible for some financial incentives available for maintenance and restoration work.

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency’s website has the full list of the latest sites added.