Salisbury folk artist George Colin

Illinois recently lost a treasure when 84-year-old folk artist Adolphe George Colin passed away. George and his wife Winnie spent many days in their Salisbury gallery surrounded by dozens of his works and countless personal mementos. Born in California, George’s family moved to Springfield when he was 7 years old. A Lanphier High School graduate, George worked at Pillsbury Mills for almost 30 years before quitting his day job to devote all his time to art.

George Colin’s art is described as wild and primitive, and has been displayed at the Smithsonian and the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. It sold in the Springfield area initially, then in Chicago galleries and internationally. His work features bright colors, Illinois farm scenes, nature, abstracts and a range of eclectic subjects rendered in pastels on paper.

Photo: Colin expanded his talent in 2012 when he began playing the harmonica. He continued to create until the day before he died on Labor Day. (SJ-R photo from story linked below)

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