This weekend marks the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s funeral. To commemorate this anniversary, there are a number of events happening throughout the state. From re-enactments to museum displays, there are plenty of things to do to celebrate the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln this weekend.

Below are a few events and some places you can visit to honor Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln’s funeral re-enactment 

Lincoln’s funeral re-enactment
This will be a big weekend for re-enactors and all people who are passionate about the Civil War and Lincoln history. The Lincoln Funeral Coalition in Springfield is expecting thousands of re-enactors, visitors and dignitaries to come together to pay tribute to the 16th president.

The re-enactment of the funeral procession will go through Springfield to Oak Ridge Cemetery. Residents and businesses have been encouraged to participate and drape the exterior of their homes in Victorian-era mourning.

For more information: The Lincoln Funeral Coalition 

 Lincoln through the arts

Lincoln through the arts
The Hoogland Center for the Arts will be hosting an event presented by Benedictine University and Quiddity to celebrate the life and times of Lincoln through paintings, music, videos and poetry.

For more information: The Hoogland Center for the Arts

 “In Lincoln’s Time” “In Lincoln’s Time”
Ever wonder what it might be like to live in Lincoln’s time? The Prairie Art Alliance will be hosting events now through June displaying music and art from the time of Lincoln.
 Lincoln's Home

Lincoln’s Home
The home was bought by Abraham and Mary Lincoln in 1844 for a mere $1,200. The original house was much smaller than what you see today. In 1856, the Lincoln’s enlarged the house to a full two stories.

The house is conveniently located in downtown Springfield at the corner of Eighth and Jackson Streets.

 The Lincoln law office The Lincoln law office
Although Lincoln used many buildings in Springfield during his 25-year law career, the location at Sixth and Adams streets in downtown Springfield is the only one that still stands today. Stop by for a tour of the historic building.
 The Abraham Lincoln ledger The Abraham Lincoln ledger
Yes, there is even something to please your inner accountant and financier. Springfield has preserved copies of Abraham Lincoln’s financial records. You can view the Lincoln family ledger with the Marine and Fire Insurance Co., or what is known today as JPMorgan Chase Bank, located at Sixth and Washington streets in Springfield.
 The Old State Capitol Historic Site The Old State Capitol State Historic Site
This beautiful building is a must see when visiting Springfield. The building is closely related with Lincoln. He tried many cases before the Supreme Court and delivered his famous “House Divided” speech in the building.
 The Lincoln Cottage The Lincoln Cottage
The Lincoln Cottage in Washington, D.C., is where President Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. He spent a lot of time here in the year before his death, regularly commuting between the cottage and the White House. The cottage opened to the public in 2008 and remains a destination for Lincoln enthusiasts.
 The Abraham Lincoln Memorial The Abraham Lincoln Memorial
This iconic memorial in Washington, D.C., houses a 19-foot-tall statue of Abraham Lincoln, which was carved out of 28 blocks of marble. The memorial was opened and dedicated on May 30, 1922. The ceremony was attended by close to 50,000 people to help commemorate the late president.
 The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site
See where it all began at Lincoln’s birth place in Hodgenville, Ky. The rebuilt one-bedroom log cabin was built to replicate the house in which Lincoln was born. It is housed inside of granite and marble structure in the Kentucky woods.

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