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The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust has announced new plans for a visitor and education center to be built at the architect’s former home and studio. The home, located in Oak Park, has been open as a public museum since 1974.

An estimated 90,000 visitors come to see the property each year. When the property next to the home went up for sale, the trust saw an opportunity and decided to make the purchase.

“It has for a long time been apparent that having a visitor’s center would be an important next step,” said Celeste Adams, the president and chief executive of the trust.

The conceptual designs for the center include plans for a ticketing area, gift shop, educational hub for design classes, as well as a reception hall for artist showcases and private events. The plan also includes an outdoor area that would connect the architect’s home and studio to the center with walkways, and a lawn for outdoor community events.

The center would take nearly a year to finish, and construction could begin as soon as spring 2020, if approved by the village of Oak Park.