Danielle Harth Danielle Harth from Chicago, is our Artist of The Month. Danielle began painting 12 years ago while attending college. Artists and public figures who are over-the-top and unapologetically maximize their opportuniotes inspire her. She believes everyone is an artist and everyone has the potential to manifest their unique gifts


What does being able to live and work in Illinois mean to you?

Being able to live and work and Illinois is a privilege that builds character and exposes you to the polar complexities within the United States and world. There is beauty in the differences between the affluent cities and the agricultural, rural regions. In Illinois you can be exposed to great wealth and extreme poverty. There is diversity and integration and blatant segregation.

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WildeyIn 1805, a man by the name of Thomas Kirkpatrick was became the original settler of the city of Edwardsville. Kirkpatrick named the newly founded city after the first and only Territorial Governor of Illinois, Ninian Edwards, who held the office for nearly a decade from 1808-1818. Less than three months after the territory of Illinois was granted statehood by the federal government, the city was officially incorporated by the State on February 23rd, 1819. Located less than forty miles east of St. Louis, MO. Edwardsville’s population had reached a population exceeding 600 residents by 1840, less than forty years after Kirkpatrick originally settled it.

As mentioned earlier, Edwardsville was named after Illinois territorial governor Ninian Edwards, but he is not the only former governor of the now state to have ties to the city. Edwardsville has indeed produced not one, but five former governors! The list includes, Ninian Edwards, Edward Coles, John Reynolds, Thomas Ford and Charles Deneen.

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Every year, U.S. News & World Report ranks the best online programs in the country. More than 1,600 programs were ranked in total, which encompass Bachelor’s programs as well as seven different fields of graduate programs, including nursing, computer information technology, criminal justice, education, business (non-MBA), MBA and engineering.

Today Illinois programs made impressive rankings in more ways than one. Out of 353 colleges, the University of Illinois-Chicago came in third for the best Bachelor’s program, moving up from fifth place last year.

In addition, Illinois was ranked number 1 in the graduate nursing category. Rush University, also located in Chicago, had the best ranking out of 183 colleges.

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Soy BeansThe meat alternative trend has been on a steady increase, and it has the potential to substantially cut carbon emissions. Gaining momentum and popularity, meat alternatives, like the Impossible Burger, could shape a meatless future. A future where the human diet consists of less meat is potentially vital to the overall health and conservation of the environment.

According to the Sierra Club, 27.0 kilograms of CO2 are emitted for every one kilogram of beef consumed. Also, Beef cattle are responsible for a quarter of the emissions from American agriculture. The UN released a statement last August noting if humans universally ate less meat, worldwide emissions could potentially decrease as much as eight gigatons annually. Soy beans, one of the main ingredients of meatless meats, may be one of many answers to combat meat-related CO2 emissions.

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Women Rock Artboard

Are you ready to rock? Today is Women Rock Day, which draws attention to the female rockers who have helped shape the rock ‘n’ roll genre. A few of these sirens first took the stage here in Illinois. Read on to learn more about the talented Illinois women who have stepped behind the microphone to make music, break stereotypes and contribute their voices to history.

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